Homeschooling - Advantages and disadvantages

Homeschooling - Advantages and disadvantages

Why parents choose a homeschooling education

More and more children today receive home school. The reasons for choosing home school vary their children from family to family but there are three main reasons parents remove their children from the public school system and give them home school.

The first reason is that the public education system in the United States is struggling to provide proper education for the nations children with obsolete textbooks, driving down school buildings and inadequate equipment. Providing homeschooling gives parents control over the quality of the educational material used by their children and the general conditions under which they are trained.

The other reason is that parents want to take more control of the influences that their children will be exposed to. This is often based on religious reasons, but it is usually only because home school education will ensure that the child learns the values ​​that the family maintains and teaches from an early age what behavior is appropriate. Unfortunately, many public schools have a bad reputation for establishing good discipline among students. This often results in bad behavior children who disturb learning and prevent their peers from taking full advantage of the classes. Discipline and the maintenance of appropriate behavioral relationships are an important part of home school.

The third reason that many parents choose to give their children a homeschooling education is fear of their safety. Violence is increasing everywhere and the public school system has not escaped this trend. Violence in the public education system is deteriorating and the individual acts of violence are more serious. Since the shocking events at Columbine High School, there have been further tragedies of firearms where teachers and students have been injured or killed. A household education ensures child safety that would otherwise risk being seriously injured.

The disadvantages of choosing homeschooling

Providing homeschooling education is not just about parental choice. In most cases, the state education board in the country where the family lives should approve a decision to give a childs home school. The person taking responsibility for homeschooling must be certified as a home teacher, the curriculum must follow the curriculum and textbooks and other educational materials to be used must be approved by the state. Although this can be seen as involuntary involvement in personal choice, the state is responsible for ensuring that all children are adequately trained and that all children kept away from the public school are well educated.

A homeschooling education may mean that a child is deprived of certain opportunities that would have been available in the public school system. It can be difficult to provide opportunities for athletic children to realize their potential. Musically talented children may be as disadvantaged. In some states, there are provisions for children receiving homeschooling training to participate in amenities such as being able to attend sports classes and joining school clubs. However, the level of support for home education parents is not uniform and varies greatly from state to state.

The final potential disadvantage of affecting children receiving home school education is that they will not develop the social skills that will be important when they grow up. Social interaction with their peers and with adults outside the family is important if a child is to grow up with a balanced personality and a reasonable level of social skills. These developmental problems can be easily overcome if the child lives in a state where home school parents are supported and the child who receives homeschooling education is accepted in classes and extra-educated activities.

The decision to keep a child out of the public education system is not a parent would make easy and all the important advantages and disadvantages must take into account the level of support that the state should provide. But if the public school system continues to deteriorate, the number of children receiving homeschooling will increase.

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